DEATH IS MOST CERTAIN but when it can come to anyone is very uncertain. No-one can be sure when he/she will take the final breath and leave a lot of crying souls behind. We regularly hear of sudden deaths due to heart attacks/ accidents / strokes / murders etc and the victim does not even get to share his last words with the loved ones. During our lifetime we seldom plan for the after-effect of our death on our close-ones or what will happen to our possessions and how to divide all our wealth among our beloved ones. If you do not do that in your lifetime, the wealth may create fights among the same relatives you always bonded along with.

Have you ever thought of your family and friends if you die an unnatural death? You will leave them so many unanswered questions which will may leave them in a very uncertain situation. We give you a big opportunity to convey what you possibly would have done if you would have been alive. In case of your sudden death, your messages to your wife, parents, children, friends, office colleagues, well-wishers, lover, enemies etc are sent via emails. All you do is to write notes for them sharing exactly what you feel for them and what you want to convey. The same is emailed to them when you die – word by word.

Have you thought about what your family or loved ones may need to know about you when you die, e.g. if you have a Will, the contact details of your family, friends, professionals, institutions, e.g. who you bank with, what insurances you have, memberships etc. Are you an organ donor? Do you have any special preferences, e.g. burial or cremation, and have you thought about what type of funeral you would like? What are your choices and have you told anyone or written them down anywhere?



The Process is easy. Do read all details and FAQ`s. Make an account to write notes for your beloved ones.Do write all correct info about yourself so that we can contact you easily in future.


Write as much to as many people you wish to. Pen down all your feelings and exress your love / gratitude / care or even hatred to them in your notes. Do make sure you write the correct email id`s and save all notes properly.


We keep your notes saved with us and keep cheking with you by periodically sending you an email.You just have to click 'I AM ALIVE' so that we know you are around and we repeat the same process after 60 days.

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